A MENTORING relationship is a reciprocal and self-directed learning relationship between two individuals who share responsibility and accountability for helping a mentee work toward achievement of clear and defined learning goals.

We recently launched our first Mentorship Program within our chapter for 2021/2022.  Typically this program will run November through July.  You can continue to join until March and will be paired with a partner as they are available.  A full process has been designed to help match our members to guarantee a rich and rewarding experience.

This a structured program that both the mentor and mentee will work together to define each other’s roles.  A formal agreement will be put into place.  The purpose of having a ‘Mentorship Agreement’ between mentor and mentee is to build a positive professional working relationship.  It provides ground rules on how the mentoring relationship will work.  The form that the agreement takes is not as important as its contents.  Although a formal agreement is not always critical, the very act of putting something in writing can help the partners better understand what the relationship is to accomplish and agree on the practicalities of how it will actually work.  It encourages guided communication between mentor and mentee in an effort to promote professional and personal growth for all involved.

At the end of the program we hope to be able to celebrate everyone’s successes and have each connection end in a healthy and positive way.  If you would like to learn more please reach out to us at nawic386@gmail.com and we will connect you with a leader from the program.  Lauren Bucher is our chair for this program and can also be reached directly at lbucher@centconllc.com